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  1. The whole system is 9 years old and the...

    The whole system is 9 years old and the compressor is shorted to ground.
  2. Replace compressor, comp. and expansion valve, or Comp, Valve, and Coil?

    The compressor on my home AC is shot.
    The HVAC guy gave me the option of replacing:
    a) the compressor (with 1 year warranty),
    b) the compressor and condenser, plus new expansion valve on air...
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    Testing AC compressor for short

    How to test AC compressor motor for continuity to ground?
    If the motor is OK, I'll go ahead and replace the blown capacitor myself, but if the compressor is bad, I can't afford to get a new...
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    Need some "local" heat and AC in bedroom.

    I have a fairly large house and I hate to heat and cool the whole thing on the days that only the wife and I are home. My wife likes the bedroom to be pretty cool in summer and pretty warm in winter....
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    Capacitor on AC compressor failed twice

    I had the capacitor on my AC compressor replaced last fall, and then didn't use the AC any more that season. This spring, it worked for about a month, and then it literally flamed out. Did I likely...
  6. Gas fireplace and AC compressor repair in one visit?

    How do I find somebody qualified to service my gas fireplace AND diagnose my AC compressor in the same visit? There are multi-talented technicians? Or is that asking for too much?
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    trane xe1200 compressor on the blink

    The indoor air handler runs, but my Trane XE1200 compressor does not start. It tries to start, but buzzes for about 1 second and quits, and then retries about once per minute.

    This happened for...
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    Mini-explosions in gas fireplace

    I figured out that the spark-ignitor-thing somehow got bent and was too far from the pilot light, so it wasn't doing its job. So I lit the pilot with hand-held flame and all is well, sort of. Now the...
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    Gas control valve on fireplace not working?

    Trying to light the pilot on my gas fireplace. The ignitor button makes a spark, but no gas seems to be flowing out of the control valve. [Yes, I know how to light the pilot, and yes I remembered to...
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    boster fn in Return duct?

    Does it ever help to put a booster fan in a return duct as opposed to the supply ducts? Might it help to install a fan in the Return in addition to the supply ducts? I have a room where the ducts are...
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    best physical locations of HVAC equipment?

    I'm building an addition to my house that will require an additional HVAC zone to be installed. In planning the locations of gas lines, electrical service, and other stuff, I'd like to know the best...
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    I have a bathroom and walk-in closet that is more...

    I have a bathroom and walk-in closet that is more exposed to the elements because it's on top of my garage. It would be hard to route addtional ducts to it from the existing unit, and I guess the...
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