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    I like Cain - it truly is a shame how we let the...

    I like Cain - it truly is a shame how we let the media and the other side create the story and the reaction (which goes back to my previous point)
  2. Thank you ... I was just trying to track that...

    Thank you ... I was just trying to track that down. I remembered that my computer crashed (harddrive and motherboard), and I lost about everything. I'll be looking for old login records in my files...
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    Make a stand is ok ...

    but it's revealing when they don't ask the same of their own preferred candidates, isn't it? :whistle:
  4. Ideal hybrid configuration to add mini-split ...

    This may be a "well, duh" question, but here goes:

    Adding a Mitsubishi Mini-Split HP/AC to space with existing heat (furnace)

    Installing a mini-split heat pump into an office space that has...
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    Ironically, the other side starts the bickering ...

    If you pay attention, you see that there is generally agreement among the candidates - until, that is - the media and the opposing party begin the accusations and questions that begin to corner the...
  6. Intro: Hello H-Talkers from John Douglas

    I used to be a member of this site a few years ago. I haven't been logged in for quite some time and didn't remember which email I used, lol!! So, I made a new login, and it seems I'm a nube all...
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