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  1. Beehive Coil

    It won't have 'water' in it. It will be well protected from freezing by having an additive. This anti-freeze will increase it's ability to absorb heat and resist freezing. Constant circulation will...
  2. Evaporation is hard to beat. I just think that...

    Evaporation is hard to beat. I just think that the less water that has to be replaced the more stable and less maintenance is required.
    Here in central NC we have a few real cold and a few real hot...
  3. 32degree ground water?

    I don't know where this pool was located but I would guess a solar cover coupled with a low watt pump/heat exchanger would have made a big difference in that water. And some of the heated air...
  4. Heat In! Heat Out!

    Anything will soon reach a point where it can not absorb more than phisically possible. That is why the excess must be dumped.
    As for too much heat it is best to let it be absorbed back into the...
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