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  1. From Lowes vent free gas logs- style selections

    They have been used for about 6 hours. I will have the installation checked over.
  2. it is rated as vented as well but............

    Do you think that having a non vented polite light could be an issue with CO's?
    I had no idea that so many people complain about these units, I never would have done it. I have a drafty two story...
  3. I am taking it out

    Sorry............I have now seen all ( tons ) of posts with the same issue that we are having. I am pulling that bad boy out ASAP!!! I guess it is just another few bucks down the drain!!! Just...
  4. Vent-free gas log set installed in BR36 Majestic

    Hello.........I am a bit worried and wondered if I could get some suggestions or help. I just installed a Vent free Gas log set into my BR36 Majestic ( UL 127) which is supposed to be able to...
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