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  1. Thanks

    Great input from everyone.

    I thikn my wife has become 'fixed' eg too stubborn to change. As I can't get back to the old dealer re the exchanger and i'm not the original owner time to change over...
  2. More data

    Well I'm getting lots of repsonses. Some of them questioning my sanity.

    More info. I took my CO monitor and put it on a nextension cord beside my furnace and ran it long and hard. No response.
  3. Live in Toronto area

    Thanks for comments.

    Update- fellow came for second opinion on heat exch crack?and CO monitor failed!! I can't win as Im' running out of time for the Cdn fed rebate.

    He did say he's seen lots...
  4. Cracked heat exchanger? Change furnace now or later?

    A tech came in to assess my new furnace needs. I have a 1996 Payne. He operned up a port and took a mirror to assess if there were any heat exchanger cracks as the plenum is narrow and I have a 110...
  5. Robo and TedKid

    Do you have specific recos by brand that meet your listed requirements?

    Thanks for comments to date.
  6. Location & Am Std presentation

    In Toronto Ontario. Cold winters but lake effect moderates extremes.

    Spoke at length to installer who offers am Std AND Rudd. He cant see why one would go with Rudd when you qualify for more in...
  7. Best modulating furnace/2 stage Am Std, Rudd Carrier & choosing the best installer?

    I am looking at a new eff furnace to install before Cdn federal rebates expire.

    I've heard good pitches from a Rudd man (promotes 10 yr old product and personal and customer experience) but less...
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