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  1. Recomendation for top of the line refrigerant leak detector

    We have used portable Inficon leak detectors for years looking for recomendation for portable leak detector. We do use varian helium leak detector in our Lyo work. What are you pro's utilizing?
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    wireless sensors poor signal

    We are installing a wirerless sensors for our demeand control ventilation sytem. Problem being we are experiencing weak signals betweeen the transmitters and the base system we installed a router...
  3. Any experience with Teledyne Larrs Heater

    Thoughts on Teledyne Larrs Mini Therm direct vent furnace I know this unit has a 20 year warranty. Years ago I install 6 of these units in an apartment building and they seemed to perform well accept...
  4. Huricane Sandy destruction recomendation on hydronic gas fired boiler

    Looking for a recommendation for a replacement boiler as the exsiting Weil Mc clain VHE boiler was destroyed in Sandy storm this is for an elderly lady who has no flood insurance so funds are...
  5. Great response and I am equally thrilled we still...

    Great response and I am equally thrilled we still manufacture in the USA Kinney with its low micron capablity looks interesting as we do quite a bit of ultra low temp work and some units come back...
  6. Looking for top quality american made vacuum pump

    In our shop we do alot of low temp work requiring evacuation for long periods of time. I have used various brands of vacuum pumps
    refco, yellow jacket, robinair. Does anyone have a recommendation...
  7. Whoops Note CO should read CO 2 or carbon Dioxide

    Whoops Note CO should read CO 2 or carbon Dioxide

    We are aware of the ASHRAE standards and plan to control to 500 ppm co with an alarm limit of 800 ppm. What I am looking for is a boiler plate for the PPCL any help is much appreciated.
  9. In search of PPCL code for co monitoring

    There is a great energy savings initative here and the latest is for monitoring co levels and deminishing the outdoor make up therfore lowering heating and cooling load. I am insearch of some PPCL...
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    Thanks for the support. I built a new point(LAO...

    Thanks for the support. I built a new point(LAO Current 4 to 20) and inserted it in to the new loop and left the PID the same as for the vortex loop as recommended. I started the unit and it...
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    Looking for PPCL code for VFD

    We are involved in in doing an upgrade for one of our air handlers. The upgrade is for a VFD to control fan speed and discharge volume. Presently it is controled by a Vortex damper controled via our...
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    Seimens Next Generation

    It is my understanding Siemans is not going to support MBC's any more. Does anyone one the forum know what he next generation product is. I heard some acronims thrown around PXE, PXC?
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