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  1. Which pad to use-vibration or condenser base pad under unit

    I had previously asked for help about the vibration coming from our Climate Master Tranquility 27 geothermal unit. Because our water comes up under the unit, out unit has to be above ground and is...
  2. It can't sit on the floor as our water lines come...

    It can't sit on the floor as our water lines come out of the floor just below the unit. So it has to sit either on a free floating box or like it is now, attached to the side of the wall to hold it...
  3. How to mount a Carrier unit- to wall or free standing?

    I would greatly appreciate any info you can give me. Our Carrier contractor, installed our Carrier (Climate Master Tranquility ) all in one unit and they attached it to our wall bracket. We asked...
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    Thanks for all replys. Found that the contrator...

    Thanks for all replys. Found that the contrator had the bolts on the compressor tight which caused alot of vibration and noise on start up. Loosened up the bolts and now it is like a dull thud when...
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    Is hot water heater hooked up properly?

    WE just had installed a Carrier GT-PX geothermal unit and had it hooked up to our hot water heater (HWH). Just found out, that this is the first unit our contractor has installed in a residence...
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    Noise on start up of Carrier geothermal unit?

    We just had installed a GT-PX 3 ton,closed loop, Carrier unit. When the unit comes on, there is what sounds like a small clunking sound which goes away after 2-3 seconds and then there is a slight...
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