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  1. ZZZIIIINNNG Noise, anybody have a clue?

    It doesn't happen every time, just occasionally
  2. strange noise coming from new AH

    this new AH is so quiet, I can't even hear it come on when I'm downstairs.:)

    But, sometimes, when I'm upstairs in a room next to the unit, I hear a ZZZIINNNG noise as it starts up.

    I don't...
  3. Update: Payne

    I got three "ballpark estimates" and they were all way over what my A/C man came up with. He likes Payne, as an alternative to Carrier, says he knows the heat strips already in the unit will work...
  4. buying an air handler

    yes, kindof. I'm hoping my A/C guy will come pretty close to the price I'm going to quote him. If he doesn't go for that fine. I have a couple of other A/C guys coming out to give me an estimate...
  5. comparing air handlers

    Thanks, now I'm on the right track. I asked one of his employees if he was allowed to use any other products than Lennox or Carrier, and she said yes, he can install any brand. So I've been...
  6. Answers to questions?

    Can anyone answer these four questions above?

  7. What about SEER ratings and brand?

    Thanks, I_bend, what do you think about the other questions I asked?

    And one other, if we put in a variable speed motor, will the efficiency improve drastically?
  8. Evaporator Coil: replace only or replace furnace

    Hello all, newbie here. We live in North Texas, have a 5 ton heat pump. Evaporator coil is rusted pretty bad, almost certainly out of warranty.

    Unit quit cooling last week, called A/C man from...
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