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    Thermal storage system

    I have a Hydrokinetix heat storage system (installed in 1990). The system has several hundred gallons of water which is heated at night (cheap electric rate). It then circulates the hot water...
  2. BaldLoonie -- Thanks for the 4 ton info. ...

    BaldLoonie --

    Thanks for the 4 ton info. The people who installed it said it was 2 ton, but the manufacturer told me this morning that it is 4 ton.


    Winston Churchill...
  3. Heat Pump Info

    RyanHughes -- I looked up the records, and my heat pump is a 2 ton unit. I was WAY off on saying it was 10-12. Thanks for catching that for me.:)

    Dash -- the unit is Comfort-Aire model...
  4. Replace whole system to match the SEER??

    I have a 10 SEER Heat-pump/AC unit that was installed 2 years ago. (I think the guys that did it were on the fly-by-night side.) It is 10~12 ton. I have also the original Rheem air blower system...
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