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  1. %RH was

    %RH was <50% ... Santa Fe whole house dehumidifier (let me know if you're curious to model number, since I can't seem to find an old email or pic of it)... just set the bad boy to 50% and let her...
  2. As promised (20 months later), here is the update...

    As promised (20 months later), here is the update on our HVAC experiment

    It worked. You can comfortably live in a climate with 100+ degree summers and 80% humidity without an air conditioner. ...
  3. Agreed the lack of air conditioning is a bit whack

    The lack of air conditioning is a bit whack, I know - but it's a personal preference more than anything and the way the house evolved.

    The house has been designed to make the house as comfortable...
  4. Additional Info

    More info ... although the first occupants will only be two, we should probably assume this house could have 4 and possibly 6 occupants in its life on a regular basis.

    No clothes dryer currently...
  5. HRV with Dehumidifier and radiant floor heating

    Need some clarification on HRV and dehumidification on an atypical new residential construction.

    The new house is 3600 sqft split evenly between basement, first, and second floors. The house will...
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