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    what 5 manufacturers do you rank above Goodman?

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    good, give an unbiased opinion when your done!

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    45 degree water delta

    hx is scailed and/or water flow is low

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    get the 500 series comm.controller

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    so does this mean that you change your stance about the 2 xv's you lied about working on

    obviously you looked at the publication i posted, to bad you did not know about it before you started your...
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    let's clarify something here, you are the one to have claimed/lied about working on the 2 XV's in your town

    your on a mission to discredit yourself and you have asked me to help

    since you...
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    motor speed is controlled by the drive output frequency

    motor torque is controlled for specific requirments by varying drive output current

    ok, knucklehead now what?

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    hey DoDobird

    we had some good lessons to be learned by just opinion

    don't scruff that part of this thread up with your rhetoric

    you got all busted up in the pro section, what happened
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    ICM-2 MOTOR CONTROL BOARD controls the indoor blowermotor on the XV

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    do yourself a favor, QUIT GUESSING AND SQUABBLING GARBAGE and get the Trane publication 22-8058-2

    that has all the information that you don't understand ABOUT THE XV SYSTEM WHICH DOES USE A TRUE...
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    if you really served the 2 xv's in your town, you would know that the air handlers are true variable speed

    i have that special green pamphlet in front of my face right now for the xv's!

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    email me your number we will discuss it!

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    go ahead and post them

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    big problems with the LG's within a year or 2 of service

    sensors, compressors, circuitbords, exv's and stuff like that

    i just would not want one in my house

    i have heard some good things...
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    i have installed a bunch of IAQ's what do you need to know?

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    also with the IAQ and the 8000 or Prestige

    when operatng a 2 stage system undersized or not

    as the od temp changes you will experience some "between stage hunting"

    usually around 30 degrees...
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    i have worked on plenty of them

    i would never, ever, ever, put a minisplit in my house, or recommend anyone i know to do so

    and this is all due to the service work i have done on these...
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    agree with most of your post but,

    dehumidification on demand

    it's the ability of the system to slow the blower down to dehumidify

    it can also be run to where it does not overcool to...
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    it makes sense that you wish they brought back the XV

    i do too but was there any other point?

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    i see you joined up this month, welcome

    now, can you translate your point!

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    i like them all

    i like Trane for my own house

    i think the 19i and 20i's are the mac daddy of the industry

    the 20i is not for everybody thats why i brought up all the sizing posts

    we never...
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    from robo this morning!

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    sorry double post
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    it does not matter what type of system it is!

    you must not of seen my favorite system list

    even though Lennox, York, or Carrier was not on the top 3

    i have fixxed just about every style of...
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    go back in your hole until we call for you:LOL:

    actually Robo was needing a little backup from the second best wordsmith on the website:callpro::spitball:

    threads do evolve commerce, try to...
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