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    Compression tank keeps filling

    Our compressor tank keeps filling on our Hot Water heating system. The water level in the sight glass creeps up about 1% a day. Is there any maitenance involed with the airtrol fittings? The PRV...
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    Copeland Scroll Compressors

    Can anyone tell me what is the diffrence between these compressors?

    ZR125KC-TFD-950 ZR125KC-TFD-250

    ZR81KC-TFD-950 ZR81KC-TFD-250
  3. What causes a high pressure transducer to go bad?

    What causes a high pressure transducer to go bad? The transducer is on a York air handle that uses copeland scroll compressors and r22 refridgerant. I was told the transducer was bad when one of...
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