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  1. I appreciate the reply on the 20 ton condenser...

    I appreciate the reply on the 20 ton condenser there Mr. Duster! :putergreet:
  2. Carrier split condensing unit, what's the tonnage?

    Hello every one, just need a little help figuring out the tonnage on this particular model. Carrier model# 38AKS024---620--
    Serial# 4602F89662

    Thank's a bunch!
  3. Bunny

    Thank's for the info. I'll make sure I'll check them out.
  4. Howdy Partner

    Thank's for the advice Gan! I too am an alumni from T.S.T.C. and recent graduate of S.T.C. Why twice you may ask ? Well, I got to the top of the food chain 11 yrs. ago, got layed off due to...
  5. I'm sorry, but who is this ?

    I'm sorry, but who is this ?
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    P. M. Needed

    Sounds like a dirty machine. Clean and sanitize it after you clean the condenser coil. That is why your head pressure is tripping. I serviced a machine not too long ago that was having similar...
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    If it helps any!

    Hello, just thought I'd put my two cents worth if it helps. If both condenser coils are clean and match the unit, make sure that the motors and blades are original and match as well. Now if other...
  8. crud!

    That did not look so well, sorry folks!
  9. Any big companies hiring in South Texas? McAllen,Tx. to be exact.

    :gah: Why is it that all the good jobs are north of San Antonio and far away from home? This sucks! O well, thank heavens for the internet.
    I've alway's respected senor techs. and have learned...
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    Look's like a dirty condenser and possible unit...

    Look's like a dirty condenser and possible unit changeout in the near future. Be very careful pressures that high can cause a sudden explosion! Take care man and good luck!
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    HVAC/R technician

    :putergreet:Hello everyone, new to the site and looking forward in sharing awesome valuable information with you guys and learning as well!
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