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    Ohh did I ever try. I emailed and talked to every...

    Ohh did I ever try. I emailed and talked to every 519 union company on the list. I guess 2011 was a really bad year to even consider landing a apprentice position for a refrigeration company.

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    Now here is a big amonia leak..aka, the death cloud. I think 40,000gallons leaked.
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    Indy, do you work for one of the companies in...

    Indy, do you work for one of the companies in Vancouver? Is it union or non union?
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    function of interest rates and regional weather temps

    It is a function of "how hot or how cold" and the housing start numbers are. I would imagine it is slowing predicted due to the climb in interest rates. Coupled with a very high debt to...
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    No matter what, do not take the pre-apprentice...

    No matter what, do not take the pre-apprentice program. Its not enough to be excepted in this trade without alot of other training. I submitted my resume to all the union companies after completing...
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    When I attended first aid, fist thing taught "evaluate your enviement"

    If you happen across some one unconscious or lying on the ground, evaluate the enviroment.

    I heard of a case of five bodies laying next to a power pole with one live wire on the ground. Seems that...
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    ice rink coach breaths in amonia from leak

    All I can say is wow. I know the stuff is dangerous, but did not know it can lead to life disabling injuries.

    My question is, do these ammonia alarms respond to ammonia by detecting it in the...
  8. Should have thought of that :)

    I custom fabricated the necessary hardware to run a air compressor off my truck engine. Its a bit of pain to drain the water off of it but yes, I do agree, this is perhaps the way the water is...
  9. Wind turbine makes water by compressing air

    I read the article and wondered if this wind turbine uses traditional evaporator thaw technologies to create the water.
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    fv tom, yes but what do you know about there wages?

    Was the program four year where they would pass the red seal and make up to 30 per hour? I do not know how BCIT determines those wages but it could be a average for four year graduates.
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    For some one young single, not commitments in BC,...

    For some one young single, not commitments in BC, it would be best for that person to move to ontario, get the experience, then move back after a employer here offers them a job. I have a wife,...
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    acetalene leaks into chevy, drive inside BOOM

    Lucky it did not kill the owner of the chevy. I wonder if the guy was cited by the RCMP!
  13. your lucky the feet of the ladder did not slip

    I once was on a small 5 foot a frame ladder. I could not get into a cling of a restaurant to look for some wire near the wall because the kitchen dishwasher sink was in the way. So, Stupid me leaned...
  14. I actually witnessed a worker from one...

    I actually witnessed a worker from one refrigeration company haul up a nitrogen bottle on his sholder with one hand while walking up the ladder. I should have taken a picture of it and sent it to...
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    I really do not think it was a starter to begin with

    The jeep is to new to have bearings or brushes fail. So, sounds as if it was ignition or as you said, module related.

    You or anyone here really cannot work on today's vehicles. Way to many...
  16. Do ladders offer sliding lanyard tracks to prevent falls?

    I just saw a video that showed a kid diving off a 40 foot cliff or dock edge, missed the dock below smashed face first into it before tumbling into the water.

    He is brought to the surface, then,...
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    Wow, nice reponce rate!

    I attended a highly recognized HVAC pre apprentice program a few months back. Did not get any calls for a position "Everyone says they are full or, not hiring"

    Anyway, I have been a auto mechanic...
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    perhaps you should have told them

    Years ago, my wifes boss was pocketing thousands of dollars from customers and not paying tax on it. I do not know what to do in a case like that. Do I call the tax burue and tell them, only to have...
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    Ugg, I will take heights any day over a...

    Ugg, I will take heights any day over a crawlspace with spiders..unless I was in a suit head to toe!
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    I to am scared, but it is also thrilling!

    can remember being on a scissor lift at 35 feet first time. Was nervous :) But I got used to it. I have only fallen off a ladder once, at three feet and cracked some ribs can you believe that? The...
  21. I would start documenting the mistakes because a...

    I would start documenting the mistakes because a letter of complaint or, a letter of efficiency review had more weight then complained words that are often forgotten about. Does your management have...
  22. wow, what a mixup :)

    At least its not as bad as cutting off the wrong leg in surgery :)

    BTW, does the work order usually reflect the correct unit serial number?
  23. Experianced middle aged tech looking for refrigeration apprentice position in Vancouv

    I come from a background in automotive/aviation and passed my JARTs pre-apprentice training for the Vancouver BC market. I did try some time back to apply to some companies, but no one was hiring. We...
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    Is there such thing as pre training on a unit...

    Is there such thing as pre training on a unit "IE, modules, vidios and such" before you work on a piece of equipment?

    I can recount, I was very green in the US Airforce. With a months experience...
  25. in aviation we call that FOD. I served in the...

    in aviation we call that FOD. I served in the USAF and saw a picture of a 105,000 dollar engine get scrapped "rebuilt" simply because some one left a washer the size of a finger lying near the intake...
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