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    Let me know if you run across any R22 Air Cooled...

    Let me know if you run across any R22 Air Cooled Trane Chillers available. I am the aftermarket for them.
  2. Surplus 3000 Ton Steam Drive Chiller Package

    3000 Ton Chilled Water Package:


    (2) 1500 Ton York Steam Driven Units

    (4) Marley Cooling Tower Cells (75hp) each

    (1) Boiler Feed Pump
    -Multi Stage Ring
  3. Need Used/Surplus Air Cooled Chillers!(Trane,CarrierYork)

    *Insurance Claims
    *Facility Shut-Downs/
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    Is it the CT10068 ??

    Is it the CT10068 ??
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    Could you send me some specs. Or where can i find...

    Could you send me some specs. Or where can i find out more info online about the specs??
  6. Looking For Used/Surplus Air Cooled Chillers (TRANE,Carrier,York,Mcquay)

    I have projects going on through March 2011 and plan to supply the chilled water aspects with used Equipment. If anyone has or knows of good chillers that are available or coming available please let...
  7. Trane, York, and Mcquay air cooled chillers for sale**Great Pricing**

    York YCAS 250 ton screw chiller -- $30k

    (2)Trane RTAA125 screw chillers -- $25k each
    $40k for pair

    Mcquay AGZ 55 ton scroll chiller -- $8k

  8. got it

    got it
  9. Used/Surplus Trane Air Cooled Chillers

    I am currently looking for Trane RTAA 460volt R-22 chillers available for sale.

    Also interested in Smaller trane air cooled chillers.
  10. Looking For Used Air Cooled Chillers 1995 or newer

    Does anybody know of any used/surplus air cooled chillers for sale? Changeouts, Upgrades, Jobs that never started, Insurance claims?

    Looking for Trane,Carrier, or York.

    Send Email to:...
  11. I am looking for used/surplus chillers.

    I am looking for surplus/obsolete chillers 2000 or newer. Air cooled more than water cooled.
    -Send pictures of and asking price to :

    Kyle Smith
    Chiller Resources...
  12. Let me buy your used/surplus Chillers!

    Send pictures and a price to:
    Kyle Smith
    Chiller Resources
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