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    How do I get Certification for Hvac in TN

    Sorry if this has been asked a ton but my searches on the net keeps coming up with school listing. So I just got my EPA Certification pass core,type 1,2. So now where do I go from there to get hvac...
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    The heater is only two years old. The parts that...

    The heater is only two years old. The parts that I listed run from 15 to 30 each the board is 75. I can install the parts. Don't mind putting a 100 in it. There isn't that many parts in it. I know...
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    Help with iheater.

    Hi, Sorry if this is wrong place to post this but cant find any info on the web about it.

    I have a iheater model IH 1500. My problem with the heater is when I turn it on it heats up starts...
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