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    Last Goodman I will ever own.

    I bought a new house with a Goodman 5 ton heat pump. I do monthly filter changes, quarterly condenser pressure wash, and annual blower fan clean & lubricate. Within 3 years, I had replaced 1)...
  2. What is the Title for Carrier Salesmen?

    Lennox has Comfort Advisors
    Trane has Comfort Specialists
    What does Carrier call their Salesmen?

    A guy who wants to do some business with Carrier
  3. Best to ask the people you want to work for

    If you look through HVAC Talk, you'll find a lot of different opinions about the importance of education versus experience. You are going to get responses from across the country. Some might be pro...
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    Only buy if you see the business value

    Software can be a powerful tool, but if you are buying it just for the sake of having software, you are probably wasting your money. In the world of leased applications, $80 per month is pretty...
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    Latent heat applies to a phase change

    Latent heat is the amount of heat you have to add to a substance to get it to change phase (Ice to Water or Water to Steam). If you had a one pound block of Ice at 32 degrees, you would have to add...
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    If you use a template, then how can you differentiate your business?

    It probably wouldn't hurt you to look at what others are offering in their Maintenance Agreements, but they probably came across them the same way - by asking somebody else for a copy of theirs. ...
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    It would depend who sponsors it

    I wouldn't go to it if it was sponsored by a dealer, but I would consider it if it was sponsored by the power company, or a consumer safety watchdog, or perhaps a non-profit that was pushing...
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    Social Marketing is causing more problems than it is solving

    It has been my experience that Social Marketing is causing HVAC dealers more problems than it is solving. The biggest problem is that the generation that is relying on social marketing (Gen Y) has...
  9. The quick answer is yes, your formula is correct....

    The quick answer is yes, your formula is correct.
    The long answer is that (unlike COP, which is unitless) HSPF has units of BTU/Watt-Hr. So you can write the equation HSPF = BTU/Watt-Hr (meaning...
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    New to HVAC Industry

    I joined HVAC Talk because I want to get the inside scoop on the world of Residential HVAC sales and service. I own a Management Consulting firm that helps businesses adopt 21st century methods and...
  11. Sticky: Hello HVAC Talk

    Sorry -wrong thread
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