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  1. "RyanHughes " You are correct its a...

    "RyanHughes "

    You are correct its a RPNL-024JEZ - a miss typed by me.
  2. Thank to all - I have decided on system & company.

    I would like all repliers to my post. Here is what I am going with:

    The company (installer) came off as the most professional, been in business for 30 years.

  3. I will go hungry but I will not be cold, thats...

    I will go hungry but I will not be cold, thats why the 15Kw.

    Is the var-speed worth it? Since what I had is over 25 years old I have no point of reference on this.
  4. I has an old, old old York ac with an electric...

    I has an old, old old York ac with an electric furnace in the attic, pretty sure the electric feed in the attic is enough (2 100amp joined breakers).

    The RHLL-HM2417JA was an upgrade from the...
  5. Rheem - American Standard - Carrier - Time to decide, Help

    I have read enough that I know everyone stated that its all about the installer. I have what I consider to be three equally good installers. All have been in business over 25 years, came off as...
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    "Beenthere" I know everyone goes on & on about...


    I know everyone goes on & on about the install but Brand/Model does matter, one of the reasons I don't own a "Yugo".

    I have seen a lot of post about don't buy that one, its a...
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    Is Nortek a real option & Might add elertic furnace????

    I will go hungry but I can't stand being cold. The last few day have been in the 90s with the house also being in the 90s. With a few fans I am suriving it, so my cooling needs aren't as high as...
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    Sorry about pricing

    Sorry - I have removed the pricing.

    What I would like is help on systems. Do I need a 1 or 2 stage, Variable speed or not, ect. How do I get a sense of a company unless I have them over and talk...
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    First set of infomation

    Well here we go:
    1. 2 ton Trane XL15i (single stage) w/variable speed air handler.
    2. 2 ton Trane XL16i (2 stage) w/variable speed air handler.
    3. 2 ton Goodman SSZ14 w/variable speed air...
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    No Gas

    Gas is not an option - Unless I want to pay the local utility company to run a line down the street to my address (over $10,000).

    Just had a little bit of sticker shock on the first estimate -...
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    Am I "price shopping" - It matters but NO,...

    Am I "price shopping" - It matters but NO, different dealers, different brands, and I am assuming different suggestions. I have setup the installers to come at 2 hour intervals.

    I seldom ever go...
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    Total replacement - Need informed help

    Location - Knoxville, TN
    One level - 1200 to 1400 sqft

    Two days ago my AC unit died, tomorrow I have 5 installers coming for estimates. What I have (had) was an AC unit outside & an elertic...
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