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  1. To me it looks just like a rubber washer, but I...

    To me it looks just like a rubber washer, but I wondered if there was a special name for it. I need to order replacements.

    Should both sides of the motor have these rubber washers? I only have...
  2. What is this a/c part called in this attached image?

    What is the black rubber thing called on this fan motor shaft?

    Also, is it ok to inject 3 in 1 oil under this and try to lubricate the shaft bearings that way?
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    How to find replacement parts?

    I have a fridgidaire fra086at7 window ac unit and am tyring to track down a replacement fan motor which is a welling ysk70-4af.

    When I google the part, all that comes up is used motor on ebay.
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    Fridgidaire window unit fan noise

    Last year I purchased 2 FRA086AT7 fridgidaire window units. Yesterday was the first time since last summer we have used them and one of them is making a loud wind tunnel/ slight grinding noise. ...
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    Avoiding sludge buildup in window ac units

    So in my NY apartment I took down our two ac units to clean them. The front and rear fins and ac coils were very easy to get clean using a little soap and the garden hose.

    However, on both units...
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