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    are you sure?

    Attn:Greg P.

    Is that bad that we are getting 4TEE air handlers. I have heard companies attempt to unload older models to make room for new ones. Is a 4TEE worth owning?
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    Questions to ask installer?


    I am new to the site and am inquiring about questions to ask my installer.
    We live in a 2-story house in central Virginia and are having our dual Rudd Heat pump systems replaced with Trane...
  3. New Installation Questions to Ask Before Install

    Dual level HVAC Trane 1.5 ton 15 Seer units will be installed next week by a reputable company. Are there any particular questions to ask for installation.

  4. Checklist for new HVAC unit installation

    I have been in my house for 8yrs. We have a 2 zone system HVAC heat pump. The upstairs unit has given us problems every year, requiring the unit to be charged with refrigerant. Just...
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