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    Freon leak?

    My electricity company provided a complimentary HVAC check for customers who renewed their electricity contract. Today a HVAC tech inspected my units and said there was a 12 degree drop across the...
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    Do the rules allow me to post the quote I...

    Do the rules allow me to post the quote I received from a contractor? If so, do the rules allow you to say if it sounds reasonable, high or low?
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    Duct Dampers

    What would be a reasonable price to pay for the installation of two 12" duct dampers in a system that is easy to access in my attic? I live in Houston.
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    In reply to Stamas

    The fan is set to "AUTO" and the System is set to "OFF".

    When the System is set to "OFF" the "SCHEDULE" setting is no longer an option.
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    Blower motor running when system is off

    I live in a four year old two story home with two HVAC units zoned for one upstairs and one downstairs.

    When I turn both thermostats to the OFF position, the downstairs unit continues to...
  6. Here is how it turned out. I spoke with the...

    Here is how it turned out.

    I spoke with the installer today. He denies installing the valve with the cap in place but he has no alternative explanation. He agreed to refund me the $506.00 that I...
  7. I lost confidence in the installer a long time...

    I lost confidence in the installer a long time ago. It is a long story that began with him installing a unit that was too large for the house. He had no idea what a Manual J or D were.
  8. The plug appears to be made of the same material...

    The plug appears to be made of the same material the line is made of. Brass I think, possibly copper.
  9. How does this TXV installation grab you?

    Company #1 installed the HVAC in my new home one year ago. Had lots of problems so went with Company #2 for service. Company #2 traced a cooling problem to an issue with the TXV. Before tearing into...
  10. Please accept my appology

    I apologize for including prices. I did not intentionally break the posting rules. I post to a variety of sites and each has different rules and I should have re-read them before posting prices.
  11. Final Outcome

    First I would like to thank everyone for their help with my problem. After convincing the builder that the engineer was not providing accurate data he agreed to hire an ACCA member and reputable A/C...
  12. Update from Builder, now I'm really confused

    Okay, I asked the builder to hire an ACCA contractor to run a Manual J, D, and S and instead he hired a mechanical engineer who applied an ASHRAE formula. The builder tells me the Manual J was based...
  13. Reply to Pstu

    Here are answers to your questions.

    The manufacturer's rep advised me that the ratio of sensible to latent should be 75/25 so that may be okay. He also mentioned that some contractors will...
  14. Oversizes HVAC with whole house dehumidifier

    I am building a 1500 sq ft beach house on the TX coast near Corpus Christy. The A/C contractor installed a 4 ton unit with a 20x20 (= 400 sq inches) return air vent with a grill and filter connected...
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    I saved the blower from my old closet unit when a...

    I saved the blower from my old closet unit when a new furnace was installed and now I want to convert it to a fan for my garage. The identification on the housing is
    "SCH 033 IT 34 60899 25 G".
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