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  1. Why isn't CFM changing for high speed?

    You wrote that, ' ESP increases, CFM decreases.'

    But, it shows 635 CFM as the rated point for each static pressure.

    What am I missing?

    What is the CFM for each speed Low, Medium, and...
  2. Need help understanding fan performance graphs for variable speed mini split

    I'm trying to understand the fan performance chart of a Mitsubishi mini split unit. The manufacturer submittal sheet shows the airflow (lo/med/hi) as 423, 529, and 635 CFM, and they then list the ESP...
  3. Can't you just add an additional fan to overcome the static pressure drop?

    If the mini-splits are so sensitive to static drop, does that mean they have weak fans?

    If so, couldn't you just hook up a booster fan on the return and supply and have it run when the unit runs...
  4. Concealed Duct Heat Pump, Zoned Central Air, or Central Air for low-cooling house?

    I am in the process of renovating two-story with basement house that is located in Albany, NY. Currently, one central air gas furnace/AC unit located in the basement serves both the first floor and...
  5. HRV Out of balance with dirty filter on warm side?

    I've received a proposal for the installation of a Fantech Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) model 3005R.

    The duct layout shows an auxilliary filter on the fresh air/warm side. The contractor's...
  6. New addition heat/cool options - combine or separate?

    I live in a 87-year-old two-story colonial in Albany, NY with natural gas-powered heat & AC with full supply/return ducts.

    I am planning stage of a two-story addition with a finished basement and...
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    HRV with adjustable humidity option?

    I live in Albany, NY, in a two-story colonial. I have a two-stage forced air heat/AC unit (in an unfinished basement) with supplies in all rooms, and returns in all rooms but the bathrooms.

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    Zoned system - layman

    I've read that you shouldn't buy a HVAC system that is too large for your house.

    But, if you have a zoned system, and you turn off the zone for one floor in a three story house, doesn't that...
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    Best Way to Seal Leaky Joist Panning?

    The return air vents in my 77 year-old house are joist panned in the basement ceiling. However, the subfloor above is a tongue and groove type, and air can flow freely into the cavities from the...
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    IAQ improvement options: HEPA, HRV, & HVAC

    I am moving into a 77-year-old house in Albany, NY, that has a forced air furnace with air conditioning (not sure of tonnage). There is 1750 sq ft on two floors with 9 foot ceiling, plus a full...
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    Oil Boiler and Hot Water

    Can someone explain to me how a oil burning boiler produces both steam for the radiators and for the shower/sinks?

    Also, in the house I put an offer in, their is what appears to be an expansion...
  12. Albany, NY

    Albany, NY
  13. What HVAC system to install when planning to finish(+cool) basement+attic in future

    I'm buying a two-story 70 y/o colonial that currently has steam radiators with a oil-powered boiler.

    I'm planning having a contractor gut the walls and ceilings in order to redo the electrical and...
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    Thanks for your replies.

    Thanks for all your replies.

    My landlord wants $x to have the two ton unit replaced.

    Is that the only option? Is there any way to fix the crumbling fins, or am I screwed?

    Does the price...
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    Condenser Damage Caused by Dog Urine?

    I live in an apartment and my AC's condenser is on the back patio of my unit. The landlord is claiming that my dog's pet urine has destroyed the condenser and that the entire unit needs to be...
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