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  1. Thanks again. Unfortunately I don't have any...

    Thanks again.
    Unfortunately I don't have any programming experience at all. Besides a little for my reef tank that was more Dos like but easier. Mostly if < time then stuff.
    I guess I should just...
  2. Yeah I have been messing with the blocks but...

    Yeah I have been messing with the blocks but knowing when you have to use a divide block and a mulitply block and compare to get 1 output is a little much to just come up with out of thin air I would...
  3. Control Education Literature Niagara AX specific

    I am Ax certified which really only means I know how to run the software. I do have some great local help in learning some programming but I know they only have so much time to help me and I really...
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    hot gas reheat ?

    hey all this is my first post . glad to see a place like this around for help.
    I work for a municipality maintaining all the refrigeration equipment in the city. at one of the fire stations we have...
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