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  1. Best 1 week courses on products or technology?

    Has anyone attended any of these 3 to 5 day courses and has feedback? I'm on my 4th year of commercial service and want to continue to improve my troubleshooting:

    Mitsubishi City Multi Training
  2. Right, eventually the autotransformer on #1 is...

    Right, eventually the autotransformer on #1 is taken out of the circuit, but I should have specified that I'm just talking about before that happens (in order to make the comparison), are #1 and #2...
  3. motor undervoltage and effect on current and torque

    I'm having trouble reconciling a couple different situations:

    1) Huge induction motors use reduced voltage autotransformer starting, resulting in lower current and lower torque. Does this...
  4. Taking Service/Maintenance accounts with you when changing jobs

    I am considering changing from one commercial shop to another, and I have a few questions about legally approaching my best customer accounts to come with me. To back up, anyone at my current...
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