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  1. Water Furnace v Florida Heat Pump

    Both contractors have done manual J load calculations. The water furnace guy now recommends a NSZ036. He says his equipment is more efficient than the Florida Heat Pump. Both have good...
  2. I'm not sure. They have not told me if they...

    I'm not sure. They have not told me if they have. What would that tell me?
  3. Comparing Apples to Apples in Ground Source Quotes

    I live in Maryland and have two proposals for retrofit geothermal units replacing forced air heat pumps. My home was remodeled in 1989. It is two floors around 2700 square feet and plan to add...
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    Thank you all for the information. This has been...

    Thank you all for the information. This has been very helpful. I'm going to get some additional estimates and bite the bullet. Now I just have to tell my wife that she can't have her new room for...
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    Air v Ground Source HP

    I apologize if this issue has been flogged to death somewhere else on this site but I could not find it. Closest I could come is the comparison between propane and geothermal.

    My question - I...
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