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  1. Thanks. Motoguy, I'll have to check the BTU's...


    I'll have to check the BTU's tonight on the boiler.
    HRV is probably not necessary and I'm not even sure if it's applicable to my situation. The house isn't tight although it's...
  2. Want advice on system upgrades: Hydronic Boiler & DHW combined, HRV

    Hi everyone,

    I bought a house a couple years ago, built in 1987 in northern Alberta and it has an in-floor hydronic heating system on all three levels including the double garage (mercury switch...
  3. Replies

    Home owner in Alberta

    Hi everyone,

    Nice forum, lots of good info!

    I joined to get some advice on upgrading my residential HVAC system. Didn't find what I needed in a search so I'm going to open a new thread in AOP...
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