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  1. Look for advice of a thermometer for 2 stage gas furnace

    Hello, my gas furnace was replaced with a Rheem 90% 2 stage furnace last year. The original thermometer was not replaced. I live in MI and now temprature is about 20 to 30F. I noticed that the...
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    Yes, there is a test button on the panel. I...

    Yes, there is a test button on the panel. I pushed it when the system is running. It does have snapping sound. So it is working. Thanks. Should I wait for longer run time to clean it becaus I do not...
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    Is my electronic air cleaner really working?

    Hello, I would apreciate it if anyone could answer my question.

    The HVAC system of my house was replaced last year with a Honeywell electronic air cleaner. I followed the manual to wash two cells...
  4. what options are there if chimeny liner cannot be put in?

    My furnace was just replaced with a high efficiency one. The contract includes a chimeny liner work for water heater required by city code. However, the contractor told me that the chimeny of my...
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    More questions about variable speed furnace

    Thanks to everyone. It seems clear how the VS furnace works in cold days. I was also told that "VS furnace helps keep your home cooler by reducing indoor humidity in hot days". I did not ask the...
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    Variable speed furnace or two stage furnace ?

    I am looking for replacement of furnace. My house is two story 2850 sqr ft in Michigan. Furnace is in basement. Salemen all recommend variable speed furnace. But that has a big price jump over a two...
  7. How to decide what type of furnace for my home?

    Hello, I am going to replace the 18 year old furnace in my home. Here is the basic information of my house. Located in southeast of Michigan, 2850 sq ft, two story, finished basement. I am going to...
  8. What is the rule to determine furnace BTU for a house?

    Hello, I am thinking to replace the 18 year old gas furnace in my house. It is Brynt, but no other plate to show its capacity. Who can tell me the rule to determine the furnace capacity for a 2800...
  9. It looks like that a too restictive filter could...

    It looks like that a too restictive filter could choke the return air and force some unfilted air bypass the filter through gaps around the filter housing. I'll try another less restrictive one....
  10. How much better is an electrostatic air filter than a 3M Ultra Allergen 1250 filter?

    Hello, My house has a 18 year old forced air heating system. It works trouble free since we moved in at 2000. It does not have an electrostatic air filter. I have been using the best 3M filters. The...
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