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  1. A staged condensing gas fired furnace will always...

    A staged condensing gas fired furnace will always be more efficient than a hydronic coil, even if attached to a high efficiency boiler. The efficiency comes from the flue gases being condensed. In...
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    The cost of all of the foamy beer and the pour...

    The cost of all of the foamy beer and the pour off on each pour will certainly exceed the cost for a small glycol package or "power-pak" as they call them. They usually include a circulator pump...
  3. Thread: Manitowoc

    by andrewd33

    Scotsman has a good tech support line. They...

    Scotsman has a good tech support line. They answer the phone and are helpful.
  4. Abco Totowa NJ

    Next Tuesday Nov. 19 Totowa NJ. I sent in my form I just have to call over to pay the $35. and it includes dinner too!

    Are you going? Where are you from.

    Thanks for the 1-800 number...
  5. Thank You

    Thanks for the info. That has much more troubleshooting info on it than the on-line one I got from Scotsman website. This machine is always a bit tempermental. Usually once I get it running though...
  6. Scotsman CME technicians troubleshooting guide. Anyone have?

    I think I have a bad board on an older CME456A cuber. I only have the online available troubleshooting guide and I would like to confirm the board is bad before I go and buy a new Universal...
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who collects hvac memorabilia!

    I can't bring myself to throw away a vintage nameplate or thermostat. The techs all know to bring vintage branded tstats metal logos etc to me! I have the Brady bunch Lennox chrome tstat that was...
  8. As an HVAC tech and a family that owns a...

    As an HVAC tech and a family that owns a restaurant, we have always had luck with Jackson machines. Our first restaurant that we no longer own still has their original Jackson faspray robot machine...
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    Best Replacement Ice Machine

    I am mostly air conditioning and heating here, but need to recommend and install a replacement ice machine for someone. Will be replacing a Hoshizaki machine. the second water pump bad and pump is...
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    It depends on how low you can set the outdoor...

    It depends on how low you can set the outdoor reset curve. I live in NJ and my boiler water temp hasn't gone above 130 this winter. I had an old Am. Std 1951 boiler prior to my Triangle Tube boiler...
  11. I replaced the RTU in December. I don't think...

    I replaced the RTU in December. I don't think the kitchen exhaust / mua was ever set up properly. In the winter with the exhaust and the muas running the building was always in a negative pressure,...
  12. Looking for an experienced hood person that can...

    I am a sales and design consultant and my family owns a restaurant. I do most of the hvac maintenance on the a/c and ice machines. We have a refer guy that does refer because I will only clean...
  13. Response to both hvac wiz 79 and dan

    is the timer setting on the dip switches or on a dial on the board. I really didn't look yet. Next time I go back I would consider shortening the harvest after 48 degrees because it stayed in...
  14. All Clean and working great now!

    I adjusted the float and it is working pretty good. I timed the freeze / harvest and it seemed longer than the Scottsman I service in the basement for them. It was 27 minutes freeze and a bit more...
  15. Thanks

    That saves me the time to read through the tech manuals. I don't do much refrigeration, except for relatives! LOL
  16. Hoshizaki KM280MAF- board change=smaller cubes

    I just changed the board out on a relatives ice machine in their restaurant. It was the improved E board already in there replaced with the improved E board with the last number a 2 instead of a 1...
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    Check the vinyl inlet tube into the fill resovoir

    I have had where the water pressure jumps the vinyl fill tube at the resovoir out slightly and the the water only partially enters the resovoir and partially spills into the bin or base of the...
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    It is the high heat output 240,000 BTUs

    I don't work on too much commercial. I am a residential guy. This unit was just put in my family's restaurant. It is a great unit. I like it so far. It has the Prodigy controller. I am more...
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    I know the negative pressure is a problem

    I was afraid to push the o/a up too high as i figured it could kill the heat exchanger I assume the staging should stay as jumped now if I increase outside air to prevent condensation in HE. First...
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    There are 2 untempered MUAs

    We have 2 untempered MUA units in this building along with 2 upblast exhaust fans. This is a captive air hood with short circuit MUA. I know the MUA is never 100% of the total exhaust so that...
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    Lennox LGH120 Blower speed Adjustment

    Are there any airflow adjustments that can be made to slow the fan down during first stage heating. The discharge air on this unit is too cool during first stage operation and is generating...
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    I don't think we experience more HE failures than anyone else, but

    After reading the posts here and having people say that 4 years is good for a Carrier heat exchanger on a RTU, I think then there is something in the MFR process that is going wrong. I know there...
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    Gas vs electric rates

    I am in Northern NJ about 16 miles west of NYC. We are paying about $1.25 for a therm of nat gas and we pay about 16 cents / kW in the winter for electric. I guess you would have to look at the...
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    Rooftop Heat Exchanger Failure Causes???

    As a kid when I worked at my first HVAC job and didn't know anything I remember my boss telling me... "You never install the evaporator coil before the heat exchanger"... it will rot it out!

    As I...
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    The 57 year old house with slab ductwork is most...

    The 57 year old house with slab ductwork is most likely Transite... (Asbestos) ducting. I have seen round tubes run through the slab hacked in where a floor supply was. It was in my cousins house. ...
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