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    Maryland journeymens practice test

    Thanks for the help I was making the question harder then it had to be and that's why this site is great thanks again to all who answered my question
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    md journeymans practice test

    i am trying to find a formula to figure out a practice question for a study guide and the question is how many btus must be added to one pound of ice at 32 degrees fahrenheit at sea level to change...
  3. Thread: camera scopes

    by josh32

    camera scopes

    Hi was wondering if anyone has any recommendation on camera scopes mine has died and i have been looking for a new one and was wondering if anyone had a good one they know of
  4. Sticky: Hi my name is Josh and i have been in this trade...

    Hi my name is Josh and i have been in this trade now for eleven years and in my mind have only just scratched the surface of this industry . I fell into it by chance and was excited by the possible...
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