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  1. More info

    What is the size of the system? ( Proivide the model number of the outdoor unit if ya don't know the tonage) Who is the manafactuer of the equipment?
    Was a load calc and duct evaluation...
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    Your contractors are lazy!!!

    To put it simply, "no load calc, no job".... You can't size a job without a load calc. Also insist on an evaluation of your duct system.
    Quoting a job without a load calc is a sure sign of a lazy...
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    Look at the entire "picture" first.

    If your looking for a "bare bones" equipment recommendation, go with the Thermo-Pride. Have it outfitted with the burner assembly your service people are most comfortable with. I have...
  4. Sounds like you have a problem.

    On one pipe steam systems the radiator vents open to release cold air from the radiators and close when hot steam makes it into the vent. When the steam condenses in the radiator, it cools. The...
  5. Hi cook42 Two pipe is the way to go. It...

    Hi cook42

    Two pipe is the way to go. It increases comfort in the living area by not using conditioned air for combustion and reduces a whole host of draft issues related to fireplaces and other...
  6. First things first. Rusty evaporator coils are...

    First things first.

    Rusty evaporator coils are not uncommon. The rust is most often found on the end plates and does not have a bearing on the performance of the evaporator. Your told your out...
  7. jGive your service comapny a chance.

    Hi Tim

    Give your service techs a chance. Intermittent problems can be a bear to solve.
    I can't speak for your service company, but in my case I charge only for one service call and one...
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    What about references?

    Great call on the T-Stat. I would ask for several references. Talk to the homeowners about their experience with the contractor and their likes and dislikes concering the equipment they purchased...
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    Threadcutter, thank you for your reply that...

    Threadcutter, thank you for your reply that sounds exactly like my problem. will the new outside unit fix my problem? Is it a hit or miss with the equipment coming from armstrong?

    I replaced...
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    Get a heat loss calculation done. 3.5 ton...

    Get a heat loss calculation done. 3.5 ton against 900 square feet of living space sounds crazy. If the contractor does not offer to do a heat loss calculation without you asking, don't hire the...
  11. I have been doing research on the possibility to...

    I have been doing research on the possibility to replace my current oil boiler to a gas boiler. I have steam heating and two zones with hot water baseboard.

    Some calculators online say that for my...
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    This noise problem may get nasty!!!

    I recently installed an Armstrong 18 SEER HP. It ran great in the cooling mode. When the first cold weather arrived my customer called to say the outdoor unit was making a buzzing sound and her...
  13. Balance the system first

    It sounds like your system is out of balance. I am assuming you closed floor registers in rooms where the air flow was strong in an attempt to push air to rooms where air flow was weak. This action...
  14. I just left my local R.E.Michels branch. They...

    I just left my local R.E.Michels branch. They are displaying a Broan Heat Pump rated at 22 SEER. It is a split system with the compressor empoying inverter technology. I don,t know much about...
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    Stop parts changing

    Your issue could be a bad board. Without being there and trouble shooting the unit I can't say for sure. Do you see any flashing lights on the board when its in lock out? If you do, count the...
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    Aprilaire or Honeywell

    The Aprilaire 400 or the Honeywell steam both do their intended jobs well. You need to decide which will be suit your situatution.

    Good luck
  17. Look for the flashing diagnostic light

    Gas furnaces have a diagnostic module located on the fan control board or the ignition control module. You will find a flashing light. Count the number of flashes, then look on the back of the...
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    Armstrong will do the job

    I have been installing Armstong equipment for about 12 years. The product line has served my customers well. IMHO their high end stuff does an excellent job. Allied Air is the company that...
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