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  1. The odd time just when it is starting but not...

    The odd time just when it is starting but not after it is runing. My dealer who sells 99% Harman stoves said this stove was the quietest he ever heard. I would suggest going and looking at one fo you...
  2. Not in the cold!

    Despite all the trouble burning wheat I have never had a min trouble burning wood pellets. It not only works well The Mt vernon quadra fire stove rocks burning wood pellets. When the kinks get ironed...
  3. done burning usually in error code state. Last...

    done burning usually in error code state. Last few times 20-30 min before plug in but doesn't change. phoned Phil today from quad and he says that my dealer is going to update my control software...
  4. Quad update

    well so much for working well..Stuck clinkers is one thing...But The Beast has gone back to its old tricks and is over feeding the wheat and jacking up in feed tube. wondering if it has something to...
  5. The Quad

    Hey JTP I know how to clean the pot as the manual says but it doesn't say I would have to clean it manualy every time it cleans. This of course means that I bought a stove that will not operate over...
  6. Not Right yet!

    Well the stove is burning the Wheat good but failing to drop the clinker and clean. then of course dumps more wheat on top wasting good wheat and eventually jamming the auger. Any Ideas out there?...
  7. The Board

    New Board in and quad is running hot!!!! Hoooorayy! It has only been a few hours but looks good so far! Started on wood pellets for a day.....alll went well then switched to wheat tonight and so far...
  8. quad

    Yes it is runing using prem wood pellets but set for corn....seems to be working good.. This is the only setting that will work of any fuels or settings
  9. quad

    tried both but really over feed on Auto but manual seemed to work some. wish I could burn it again but unable to even use man now...just overfeeds and won't speed the exhaust fan up.
  10. quad

    Roc on supplys in Lloydminster,Alberta and they deal with Northern fireplace in Edmonton. I am just waiting for this new board hoping it will solve these issues. I love the look of the stove and if...
  11. quad

    Just started to over feed and I have tried -5 flame before but it doesn't seem to have a bunch of effect.
  12. Board

    the old board I took out was a p/n 450-15-0031 Rev. B4
    Mfg. Date 063112 Didn't see a label on the new one.
  13. quad

    When I switch off corn my exhaust fan will slow down and the stove will over feed untill the fire goes out or the auger jams. I am tring it now again.
  14. Quad

    Well it is overfeeding and I think there is not enough air speed in the fire pot to acheive proper burn. After I changed the boards the fire still lights well and then just over feeds a weak fire...
  15. The Great Quadrafire!

    Well we purchased a Quadrafire as well and had similar results. The stove has not worked a complette 24 hr period yet and it has been almost a full month. we have replaced the convection fan and main...
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