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  1. please help Geo-thermal suddenly not cooling !!!


    I have a mammoth geo-thermal (i think it 3.5 ton installed in 2004) system in my house with the honey well IAQ that i installed last year myself. (i bought house in june2012)

    W2........-see note.......AUX1| note(This goes straight to the Electric unit, along with a common so not it goes AUX1 > input of electric unit.) this is how it...
  3. any one?

    any one?
  4. honeywell prestige 2.0 2 quick qestions (IAQ)

    i just installed this, 1 stage geo-thermal (mammoth 4.5 ton)

    1.the heat works well with a delta T of 33, but my back up electric will not come on, the furnace tech a week before could not get it...
  5. the geo thermal is working, I just want to make...

    the geo thermal is working, I just want to make it is working as it should, during the hot days last month it would shut off and only for the 5 minute timer then turn back on. I know they are...
  6. 34 views and nobody has any help? :(

    34 views and nobody has any help? :(
  7. geo-thermal + VANEE and thermostat qestions


    I'm posting to get some advice and educate myself a little so i dont get ripped off buy a local (dishonest)HVAC person.

    I just bought this house and have some questions. i will use...
  8. thanks house stays cool, the AC does kick on...


    house stays cool, the AC does kick on every few minutes though

    I wish i could dump some of this into my pool :.02::.02:
  9. just bought house, coulpe questions (geo and ducting)


    I just bought a house near st louis MO. it was biult in 1987.

    the house uses geo-thermal for heat/cooling (about 2800 sqft)

    i was told there are 3x 320ft wells for the ground source...
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