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  1. ?have to use sealant around corners on new fridge door gasket?

    we have a side by side frigidaire ...on the left freezer side, i have to replace the door gasket where it seals shut. old one not sealing very good. do i have to use any silicone or sealant around...
  2. duct work insulation showing in one spot...torn duct apparently...fix?

    the pink insulation is showing through in one spot on my duct under our house. it's in one small area, not a large area. is there a relatively easy fix, with some duct tape or another way?
  3. buying our first house...built in 1960...attic ventilation?

    the attic ventilation doesn't seem to be that great. the soffits that are on the house have the tiny holes through them every so ofter down the length of the house. is that adequate enough to let...
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