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    That is an excellent post Hearthman.
    Really great information.
  2. Had a conversation with Manufacturer.

    And the manufacturer said:
    "The zinc washer has the thick; stationary rod pressed into it.
    Rotation of the washer is an acceptable procedure to align rods if they become out of alignment."
  3. What I did was...

    Thanks snupy,
    Again, sorry.

    The whistle stopped working; so I removed all the vent pipe and flange and cleaned out the ladybug carcasses embedded in the actual whistle. When I re-installed the...
  4. well...

    Alright fellas; I've re-read my posts and the thread.
    Me having a tough day shouldn't be taken out on you.
    My sincere apologies to snupy, and heaterman.

    Boss cut our work hours here (also killed...
  5. The gauge is both functional and accurate. It...

    The gauge is both functional and accurate.
    It couldn't get any safer.
    I simply had a question about one of it's components.
    I appreciate the over-concern. I really do.
  6. My question was specific.

    Then you can send me the money via paypal.

    I already have a good gauge and vent alarm - I just have a question about it's construction.
  7. Need to know if oil tank gauge part is threaded or peened

    Long story short oil tank whistle was full of bug crud.
    Had to disassemble clean re-pipe and so on.
    I had some difficulty getting gauge in correctly. That is the alignment of the rods was disturbed...
  8. Today the scene is pure hackery. Your thoughts?

    Okay - here is a situation we have where I work.
    I'd like to get your opinion.
    The scenario: Old brick building. Three story. 10, 000 sq. ft per story (roughly) No insulation.
    Bottom floor has old...
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    My sincere thanks for this post. I have several...

    My sincere thanks for this post.
    I have several electrical snafus to repair in the attic that were there when I bought the house.
    I bought the newer plastic boxes some time back to correct the...
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    Nice looking job Loonie; could the flues have...

    Nice looking job Loonie; could the flues have gone up through the existing flue pipe?
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    I once in the home of a family in Switzerland. ...

    I once in the home of a family in Switzerland.

    Over there they heat hot water centrally in the city and you pay for it to be piped. You pay for the water usage just like the cold.

    They have...
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