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  1. AHR Expo 2014: Check out this gallery of new products

    Here are some of the new products the editors of HPAC Engineering have seen at the 2014 AHR Expo in frosty New York. Check back, we'll be updating this throughout the show.
  2. Seeking input for a service management article in Contracting Business

    Hey HVAC-Talk Community,

    I'm putting together a Commercial Service Management article for the upcoming issue of Contacting Business and would like your help. I'm looking for tips and insights on...
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    Kevin O'Neill has NO heart, so he doesn't need no...

    Kevin O'Neill has NO heart, so he doesn't need no stinkin' fish oil!

    Anyway, KO, to answer your question, i discovered browned butter sauce at a place called Demo's in Nashville. Basically:
  4. What advice would you give to controls engineers?

    Hi guys,

    I posted this blog on HPAC Engineering (our readers are HVAC design engineers). Only seemed fair to ask the other guys (you) too . . .
  5. Would you buy a car if it was designed and built the way buildings are?

    That's Tom Hartman's question this month in the latest edition of the Networked Controls Plus newsletter:
  6. Here's the November Networked Controls Plus newsletter

    Hi guys. Please enjoy! Your feedback is always welcome.

    And here's a link for those of you who don't trust the bitly links!
  7. Never thought of that but it's understandable! I...

    Never thought of that but it's understandable! I make bitly links so I can send the articles out on Twitter. But I guess the short links aren't really necessary here, so here's the original link!
  8. Six Steps to Protect Your BAS From Hackers

    Check out there ways to keep "hackers" from messing with your building-automation systems:
  9. Looking for the best way to rip-off your customers?

    And who wouldn't be!?!? (Of course it's not what you think.) Check out my blog, Ron's Ramblings:
  10. Here's the latest edition of the Networked Controls Plus newsletter

    Please enjoy!
  11. Building controls and Dick Tracy's two-way wrist radio!

    Does comic book detective Dick Tracy and his two-way wrist radio hold a lesson for the building controls industry? Check out Dick Starr's column:
  12. CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Contracting Business' Contractors of the Year

    Hello all!

    Tell us about any great companies out there who deserve consideration for the industry's highest award!
  13. John Kruk takes no prisoners in his keynote address

    Former Phillies OF John Kruk took a hard stance against "cheaters" in baseball at the Comfortech keynote address. "Baseball had a chance to rid itself of steroids in the 1990s but didn't do anything...
  14. And the show is underway! Advice on building a great company culture

    Russ Horrocks, a partner in HVAC Sellutions, says building a great company culture is everyone's responsibility everyone is responsible for their own actions, after all. BUT . . . the leadership to...
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    Women in HVACR scholarship

    Women in HVACR is offering two $500 scholarships for female high school seniors who are preparing to enter the HVACR industry either through a technical college, trade school, or relating degree in a...
  16. Congratulations to Contracting Business' 2013 HVACR Woman of the Year!

    Congrats to Laura DiFilippo, DiFilippo's Service, Paoli, PA.
  17. Are regulations the answer to improve building performance?

    Tom Hartman has written a very interesting column for HPAC Engineering's Networked Controls Plus newsletter. Let him (and us) know what you think:
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    Next time I'm in North Carolina I'll stop by and...

    Next time I'm in North Carolina I'll stop by and have a gin and tonic with you at the beach house!:bsing:
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    Tips on selling service agreements

    Hi guys,

    Here's a link to an article I just posted to the CB website, tips on selling service agreements. It's from the service manager at Isaac Heating in Rochester NY, a company that has more...
  20. Video on why you must attend HVAC Comfortech

    Everybody's favorite editor, Mike Weil, takes to the silver screen to explain why this is an event not to be missed! See you in Philadelphia!
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    Hi all, Had a blockage in one of my coronary...

    Hi all,

    Had a blockage in one of my coronary arteries cleared and a stent put in about two years ago. Went through cardiac rehab, the whole bit. They said good things about fish oil, but that was...
  22. Glad you liked the article, guys. I put together...

    Glad you liked the article, guys. I put together the monthly Networked Controls Plus newsletter for HPAC Engineering magazine (this month's version is here:...
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    Furnace Tune-up Tips

    Our friends at Lennox shared these 21 tips for pre-season furnace tune-ups. Hope you find them useful!
  24. Can you protect you building-automation systems from hackers?

    Controls engineer Chris Larry says, "It depends":
  25. Check out the latest edition of the Networked Controls Plus newsletter

    For all you controls freaks, enjoy!
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