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  1. South Florida Area: Calling all Contractors and Sub Contractors

    Im willing to work for free. I just want to gain some experiance. Im EPA certified. I have all basic hand tools. I can work any time. And i know my stuff. I will even work for the small mom and pops...
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    Anyone hiring in the south florida area.

    If you are loking to hire someone who is a fast learner and someone who is teachable, im you guy. Im epa certified and i just graduated from Tech School. I konw how to use my meter, gauges, all hand...
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    Free worker in fort lauderdale fl

    I just finished school and im very excited. Is there any
    Contractors out there willing to take me under there wing
    I will work for epa certified and I no all of the basics. Im a very
  4. Sticky: hello

    im new to the site and new to the trade. im 20 years old and i love working a/c units. im almost done with school and ready to work
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    how to get experience in south florida

    I am 20 years old and i have two weeks of school left. im trying to find a job but eveyone wants experience. I have all of my certifications and i know the basics but everyone wants experience. Any...
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