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    Thanks a bunch for the responses. We did turn...

    Thanks a bunch for the responses. We did turn the unit off in the morning and, when I came home from work and tried it again, it worked OK. We had a technician look at it, and he found a faulty...
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    Fan Blower Having Problems

    We're having some issues with our furnace fan blower (attic-mounted, York furnace), and I'm not sure if this is something I can fix myself. Basically, it is hardly pushing any air through, and hence...
  3. Fan Blower Acting Erratically - Thermostat Reponsible?

    I posted about this problem a couple of weeks ago and received some welcome advice. Now, I suspect that I know what the source of the problem is, but I am hoping that someone here can confirm it or...
  4. The thermostat is a Simple Comfort 3000. The...

    The thermostat is a Simple Comfort 3000. The furnace, as far as I know, does not have a variable speed blower. The thermostat in use is the original that came with the house, so it has not been...
  5. Attic Furnace Fan Blower Acting Erratically - What Is Responsible?

    I have a conundrum that has been quite vexing, and any advice would be appreciated. For a number of months, our indoor fan blower has been coming on at seemingly-random times, blowing room...
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