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  1. >Prices/pricing questions aren't allowed in the...

    >Prices/pricing questions aren't allowed in the open forums.<

    Sorry I was unaware.

    >If you have to ask, you need to find another line of work. because you will starve to death<

    Whatever! Why...
  2. Equipment profit margin and Installation costs

    I am quoting on a VRF Inverter multi system with 9 cassettes for an office block. What is the consensus on equipment markup? I was looking at my buy price plus 20% Margin (price / 0.8) maybe?

  3. Crompton Parkinson 12000 Series Temp Switch


    I have an old plant. Large motor (75HP I think) running a Trane compressor on a chiller for AC. Motor not going and I have isolated problem back to a Crompton Parkinson Cat No 187-120027 Temp...
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