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  1. having official documentation is hard but from...

    having official documentation is hard but from what I have it seem supported with VMWARE because there is a document that talk about the solution to have the USB key connected to the network.

  2. Delta Control orcaview /historian under virtualization?

    Hi ,

    I hope I am in the right section but I would like to share experiences with others that sucessfuly virtualize an orcaview / historian environnement with Hyper-V.

  3. Strange pinging sound from heat pump normal ?

    since having a heat pump is new to me, I would like to know if I should call someone to check my heat pump because of a little pinging noise (like a popcorn into a can) that seem to came from the...
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    Carrier heat pump factory charge ?

    Hi there,
    My question is a bit DYI but I know it's not welcome here. I got a HVAC guy that will finalize my installation but he didn't know Carrier(he is doing commercial stuff , never installed...
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