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  1. Educate your customer

    I'm a HO.
    So after reading the survey. I read.
    The only way to make a higher margin is to cheat the HO.

    99% of the HO's have no idea what to ask for when getting a new heat pump system. My self...
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    Just a possible low tech solution. I had a whistle at one of the 20x20 returns. I rotated the grille 180o and it stopped. As I scratched my noggin I figured the grille and dry wall were acting like a...
  3. Its not quite dead yet

    A bill is in the house and senate. Funding is an issue. time will tell.
  4. I'll spread out the flames

    1st off. I'm buying my 2 split units from a dealer/installer. I am a Home Owner. I looked for info on the web and found this place. Hvacr seems more of a place to foster the notion that this stuff is...
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    When should I take a look?

    1st post lurking for 4 days.
    Thanks to all the members who posted. I was much better armed to let the Contractors know what I wanted. I realized I'm a dangerous H.O. with a little bit of info. I...
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