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  1. Yes! We forgot to reuse the old turbulators and...

    Yes! We forgot to reuse the old turbulators and inner plate. Such a dumb mistake! I did however get really good at reading pressures with my manometer.
    We were running the unit with no turbulators...
  2. Rheem RKKA inducer not making pressure switch stay in when burners are on.

    Rheem RKKA-A060JK13E

    This unit has a new heat exchanger, Inducer, board, pressure switch.
    The pressure switch stays closed with about .60" cold but slowly drops to .32 when the burners fire up....
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    Rheem RGTA 06 EMAES Board Codes

    Hey Guys, I looked at a rheem horizontally mounted furnace in a crawl the other day ( of coarse with my flashlight dimming) . The unit is very spurratic....they find it cold in the space sometimes....
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