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  1. the drama continues

    Well..... Folks might find this somewhat entertaining but I'v made progress with my boiler.

    I recalled last year that I both had a melted down electronics module on the unit (honeywell) and a...
  2. extra info

    The burner is natural gas fed (Ontario - Enbridge) and it's at sea level. How would I check to see if there's bypass piping between suppy and return? When the unit has worked, the return is...
  3. more info

    Thanks for all the replies. The house is about 100 years old and still has the old cast iron rads and pipes. When I had the Teledyne put in 8 years ago, there was a new flu liner installed. Would...
  4. Hi folks. I'v got a teledyne-Laars minitherm 2...

    Hi folks. I'v got a teledyne-Laars minitherm 2 boiler system. I did not have the unit cleaned last year and now problems have developed with carbon buildup on the heat exchanger which prevents...
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