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  1. Infinity vs ComfortNet

    I'm having trouble figuring out the differences between the systems. It seems to be in the controller. Any input from the experts would be appreciated. The Carrier contractor could only tell me...
  2. crymtide - No you don't. You make choices based...

    crymtide - No you don't. You make choices based on performance and reasonable cost. The question is whether there are performance/quality differences in the equipment that will affect my experience...
  3. Opinions on Proposed Amana and Carrier Systems

    59TN6A08021 Infinity Furnace
    24ANB748 Infinity A/C
    CNPVP4821ATA Coil w/TXV
    Infinity thermostat

    CAPF 4-5T Coil w/TVX
    Comfortnet thermostat
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