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  1. Wilmington, NC Installation/Service Tech Needed with five years min experience

    I am looking for a installation tech with five years experience with a good employment, driving record. For the residential and light commercial market. Starting pay is $20/hr to $45/hr send your...
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    low amps?

    Subcooling with TXV should be 8-10 unless otherwise stated on equipment as design pressure ___ subcool. The amp reading could be anything since he did not know how to adjust refrigerant level...
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    This is the Ask Our Pro's forum. In order to post...

    This is the Ask Our Pro's forum. In order to post a response here, you must have verified qualifications and have been approved by the AOP Committee. You may ask a question by starting a new thread....
  4. Small NC HVAC Service Company interested in helping with hurricane, need info please

    We would like to go down for a couple of months and help established companies with there excess work. We have NC CFC cards for handling refrigerant but do not know if that will work in other...
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