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  1. Ductless System - Heat/Cool 2 rooms with one indoor unit?

    This post may cross the line on DIY - if so please accept my apologies and remove.

    I have a Daikin 3-Port Ductless system installed by a local contractor in my basement. Currently I have two of...
  2. Thanks for the information! I have read only...

    Thanks for the information! I have read only good things about the mini split systems in my own research. However it is also nearly three times the cost of adding a standard split system to the...
  3. Basement System - More confused now than when I started!

    Hello all..

    I am not an HVAC pro or in the industry at all, I am merely a homeowner trying to grasp what I am being told by the professionals that have kindly given me quotes to fill my needs. ...
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