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    Carrier Thermidistat/Edge confusion

    Am adding a new Performance HP system with FV air handler. Not planning on living here more than 2 years. I am totally confused about stats. I am told that Thermidistat and Edge ( TH - PRH) are...
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    25HPA324A30 is 2 T. (Whisper quiet ) ...

    25HPA324A30 is 2 T. (Whisper quiet )

    25HPA330A30 is 2.5 Ton (size is twice as large as 2 ton), not noisy but 2T is almost silent.
    Both "Carrier Performance" line
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    Compared to what we had before......this unit is...

    Compared to what we had before......this unit is quiet. However, sitting not too far away from it is a 2 ton ....that you almost need a stethascope to hear. I would like the 2 1/2 ton to be that...
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    Carrier 25HPA - noise question

    I have a 2 1/2 ton Performance 25HPA3 compressor that by most standards is pretty quiet. However, it backs up to our bedroom wall and makes a bit of a hum. My question is....are there any optional...
  5. Could you explain how this automatic damper works...

    Could you explain how this automatic damper works and is there one that is specifically made for this application?

    Is it reliable? If it would fail in the amount of air that it lets in that...
  6. Fresh air confusion- need your thoughts

    I am having 2 new Carrier Performance heat pumps and VS air handlers installed in my 2 story home (one up and one down). I am confused about one issue....fresh air.

    Our contractor is highly...
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