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    Water leaks through furnace

    I just found out that water is leaking and dripping on the side of my furnace. My A/C was installed in May of this year. Is it customary that my installer will take care of this kind of issue without...
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    Air leakage, how much is too much?

    Hello all,

    I got a new AC + duct installed last month. After the job was finished, I went up to my attic to check out the duct and found that there was a big leak because I could feel the air...
  3. I am guaranteed to get the rebate because...

    I am guaranteed to get the rebate because whatever fault the inspector finds, my contractor will have to fix it until it's passed. My contractor does this to look after himself because a bad...
  4. Is it possible to install new AC + duct correctly the first time?

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to find this forum.

    I had a new AC + Furnace + duct system installed last month. My installation has a rebate from the local utility company because I went with one of...
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