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  1. How much will it cost to run these Systems?

    I am gathering quotes for my new house and i've recieved server Geo Quotes and conventioal quotes. I had one guy do a comparison for me and he shows the operating cost of each. Is there a way I...
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    So as long as I've paid 9k in taxes this year I...

    So as long as I've paid 9k in taxes this year I am eligble to get the full credit.
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    Tax Credit? How does it work?

    Sorry if this sounds dumb but while meeting with various HVAC installers for Geo Thermal they all stress the 30% tax credit for 2009.

    My question is this:

    For Example
    If my Geo System total...
  4. Waterfurnace Envision - What price were you quoted?

    Curious if anyone has a recent quote on the Waterfurnace Envision. I have not been able to find what the unit sells for online so i was wondering if anyone out there knows.

    Price I was quoted $...
  5. Thanks!

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. What other options are there besides Waterfurnace

    I'm new here so please don't be to harsh if this is a repost or common knowledge to everyone else.

    I'm about to start consturction in the spring on our new house (in Maryland) and I am setting...
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