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    Thank you to all for the input! I am...

    Thank you to all for the input!

    I am unfortunately in a situation where we are installing a system that overlays whatever control system happens to be installed onsite and therefor must make...
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    Protocol Reliability Review

    Hey all,
    I was wondering if anyone had ever come across a document that details the reliability of messaging of various protocols. I am working on a project for critical facilities and we have come...
  3. Good morning all, didn't realize the rules...

    Good morning all,
    didn't realize the rules allowed for me to post both my email and the hiring company.

    If you are interested in the posting position please send your resume to...
  4. Subject Matter Experts Needed in Somerset NJ (Electrical, Controls, Mechanical

    Hey all,
    I hope this finds everyone well. I am currently looking or subject matter experts and am actively recruiting well seasoned individuals with significant industry experience. Specifically I...
  5. Looking for Controls Techs and Technical Sales NY/NJ/PA

    Hey all,
    I am currently looking to fill several positions for service personnel in the NY/NJ area. Experience is preferred in the controls industry but may consider training those with the right...
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    Silly Technician

    Perhaps I should have heard echo's of the god of thunder whicpering in my ear "take it off the C-Bus when you load it"

    In any event I did not so as is typical when learning the old fashioned...
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    Zone Mangler Help

    Hey all,
    On friday I was attempting to reload a Zone Mangler and was unable to get the point info through to the C-Bus side. I checked all the c-bus mapping and went so far as to un-map and remap...
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    Need Help - Staefa Actuator

    Anyone know where I can get information of a Staefa ASU 1D 15US actuator? Even a direct replacement would be good. I have an old friend who is trying to replace these with a Belimo GMB-24-3 and...
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    Echelon USB adapter works fine in Rapid Balance...

    Echelon USB adapter works fine in Rapid Balance version 3.0
  10. Sure!!!

    I'd love too...but I'm really
  11. Tried it

    By the way...
    I really appreciate the help...Hope I can return the favor some day!
  12. SymmetrE 410 and GTS

    Trust me I tried to handle it from the head end. I tried every date range I could think of and could find no events in the controller. Tried clearing the time programs from the controller...
  13. Continued...

    The product we switched to like I said is a new Honeywell product just not Honeywell North America. The decision was made to go with that stuff so that we had something that would allow us to...
  14. Nice

    Cool...Manhattan Here....We almost exclusively support symmetrE. Getting in the mix with some pretty cool XL1000 product though. Its also known as XL-Web and as I have been told it is not used...
  15. Where ya at

    Just wondering where your from and how long you have been working with the beast?
  16. Problem Resolved

    Alright, found the issue. I am shocked that I had not put it together before this. We have been having intermittent communications issues on this C Bus and it appears as if the comm issues had caused...
  17. Next Time

    I will try this next time I am there....I believe I already have tried this but I will give it another go....

    Thanks for the suggestion...
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    SymmetrE File Descritions

    Hey all,
    Just another SymmetrE/EBI question...Does anyone know if there is a listing of what each file is and the function it performs for the Honeywell front end....
  19. SymmetrE-EBI Global Schedule Error - NEED HELP

    Hey all,
    I have an issue with a global schedule on a SymmetrE system. I believe the functionality of the global schedules is mimicked on EBI. Anyway...I have a global schedule that is giving me an...
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    Care note exiting logic correctly

    I was wondering if anyone has been having any issues with Honeywell CARE not coming out of control or switching logic correctly. It seems that quite often when I am exiting either of these my...
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    Ive used this one

    I have used and had good luck with the following...

    I have used it with CARE and Rapid Balance....I believe I have used it with...
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    Plexus - Lon Tools

    Hello everyone...

    I heard about a product called Plexus here that is a Lon tool. I am looking for a link to a website where i might be able to see this tool....anyone got one?

    If anyone has...
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    R300 CD

    I will be looking as soon as I can make it back into my office....

    Thanks for the tip...
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    Honeywell XL1000

    I was wondering if anyone has a good information source for working with BACNet. I am recently working with the Honeywell XL1000 product line also known as XLWeb. It is a product mostly used in...
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    Thanks for the tips

    Hey Keith,
    Thanks for the tips. I will try some of them but I was hoping for something more automatic. There are about 30 VAV's so I was hoping to not have to reprogram them all. Thinking something...
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