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  1. Bryant Evolution Stat Dies on Christmas Eve

    Came home from the in-laws and canceled our evolution stat off of vacation mode because it still had 1 hour to go to heat our place from 62 degrees back to 72. Nothing we have never done before. ...
  2. No, I agree swapping out the motor sounds...

    No, I agree swapping out the motor sounds perfectly acceptable. I forgot to mention she has been without AC for a week now so the 100 degree weather we are having adds to the stress of the...
  3. I was thinking the MEC was a two stage at least...

    I was thinking the MEC was a two stage at least that is what the installer told her. I will have to check on that.
  4. Two questions on issues after installation

    My sister just had a Carrier 58MEC100-20 furnace installed with a Carrier 24ACC36 AC unit and right out of the box the fan motor was bad. Her installer wants to just replace the motor instead of...
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